I am currently a postdoctoral reasrcher at the Institut Élie Cartan de Lorraine in Metz as a member of the ANR-DFG project "Effective Approximation and Dynamics of Many-Body Quantum Systems" .

Previously, I was a PhD student at the Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse IMT under the supervision of Jean-Marc Bouclet . I defended my thesis in September 2023.

My main interests are: scattering and spectral theory for the Schrödinger operator on manifolds, resolvent estimates and limiting absorption principle, stability of matter and maximal speed of propagation for N body Hamiltonians.


first name.last name [at] univ-lorraine[dot] fr

Institut Élie Cartan de Lorraine

3, rue Augustin Fresnel Technopole Metz, 57000 Metz

UFR Mathématiques Informatique Mécanique, Office ARC 007

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